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Benefits of Coconut Oil and MCT Oil

Coconut Oil The amazing coconut is actually not a nut at all, but a fruit...yes, a fruit.  It is classified as a fruit because of its fleshy outer layer and because it develops from the ovary wall of a flower.  These fruits are known as drupes.  Other examples of drupes are nectarines, pistachios, almonds, and mangoes. Coconuts do not contain [...]

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Decadent 5-Ingredient Fudge (Veronica’s Fudge Addiction)

This is my all-time favorite fudge recipe. I enjoy making this during the holidays for a healthy alternative to fudge. But I find that I often make it throughout the year as well, whenever I need a treat. If you use freshly ground almond butter, unsalted, then the taste and consistency is more like a Toblerone. You can also use [...]

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Pumpkin Spicy Frappuccino

Pumpkin Spicy Frappuccino ½ cup cashews, soaked 1 hr. 1 cup strong coffee 3 cups coconut milk ½ cup pureed pumpkin ¼ cup maple syrup, to taste 2 tsp. vanilla extract 3 tbsp. pumpkin pie s 1 cup water ½ cup pureed pumpkin ¼ cup maple syrup, to taste 2 tsp. vanilla extract 3 tbsp. pumpkin pie spice Blend until [...]

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Quick Christmas Candy

Quick Christmas Candy 1 cup honey 1/8 tsp. baking soda 1 cup almond butter 1/2 cup chocolate chips, melted (optional) Heat all ingredients, except chocolate chips, in medium saucepan, until boiling.   Boil, stirring constantly, until thermometer reaches 234 degrees (or 5-6 minutes). If you live in a humid place, you may need to cook a few minutes longer.  Remove [...]

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Super Easy Christmas Fudge

Super Easy Christmas Fudge I wish I could remember where I picked up this Super Easy Christmas Fudge recipe, but boy is this my new favorite recipe to make, especially when I am wanting a treat.   The original recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk, but I use sweetened condensed coconut milk, which, of course, eliminates dairy.  Sweetened condensed coconut [...]

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Cheezy Pumpkin and Spinach Quinoa

Cheezy Pumpkin and Spinach Quinoa This recipe I found,compliments of   As usual, I took the original recipe and tweaked it according to my tastes and healthy lifestyle.  I added protein to make this a complete meal.  I soak the quinoa overnight, or for at least 4 hours before cooking (I use my handy dandy rice cooker, thanks to my [...]

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