The number one food I recommend for brain health in a growing child, a well as for an adult to prevent brain deterioration and memory loss is salmon.  Salmon is also touted as a “beauty food” because of its high omega 3 content, anti-inflammatory properties, and high protein levels.  Here is an quick recipe I use based off of my tuna salad recipe.  I prefer salmon over tuna because of it lower mercury content.  And it is more delicious!  This can be added to lettuce greens, stuffed between slices whole wheat bread, or eaten as is.  If there are other tasty additions you have in mind to add, like sweet pickles, or mustard, go ahead and add it, as this recipe is very forgiving.

Salmon Salad

1 7 1/2 oz. can wild salmon                   1 tbsp. dehydrated greens, optional

2 hard-boiled eggs, optional                 2 tbsp. coconut oil, melted

½ apple, chopped finely                        dash cayenne

1 stalk celery, chopped finely                dash hot red pepper

handful walnuts, chopped finely         salt, pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients together.  Serve over mixed lettuce or as a sandwich.