Healthy Cooking for Energy, Weight Loss, and Vitality!

Healthy cooking does not have to be difficult, tasteless, and costly.

People today are busy with active lifestyles, and need of ideas for easy-to-prepare dishes with healthful ingredients. The purpose of my cooking classes is to share a few tips and recipes to show you how easy it is to prepare healthy meals! If you are local, Come learn with me!

Veronica’s Healthy Living Cooking Classes

Monthly Cooking Classes are taught at in Spanish Fort, AL unless otherwise noted.  Each class is taught on a health topic, in which I give health tips, time-saving and money-saving kitchen hacks, and demonstrate basic cooking skills.

Limited Time Special

$2500Regularly $40
  • Includes tasting!

In-Home Cooking Classes

I bring my cooking classes to YOUR home.   Your provide the kitchen, and the guests.   I bring supplies and food.   This is a fun way to take the message of healthy cooking to your community of family and friends and spread the message of health.   You, as a host or hostess choose the topic, and earn free prizes, while learning about nutritional information.   It’s a fun way to gather your friends and learn at the same time!

Games, prizes and fun for everyone!

Home Cooking Classes

  • You provide the kitchen.
    I provide the food.
    (Invite friends!)