Project Description

There can be many causes for behavioral changes in children.  Emotional, physical, trauma, and stress of a new environment are all valid reasons for a change in behavior.

But sometimes behavioral issues are a result of things going on within the body, such as a mineral imbalance, mold toxicity and heavy metal toxicity, and is NOT just a stubborn, strong-willed child.

Each of the following behavior changes your child might be experiencing can be addressed with mineral balancing.
· Moodiness
· Aggression
· Defiance
· Hostility
· Inattention
· Secrecy
· self-harm
· difficulty expressing (or holding in) emotion
· difficulty in social interactions
· struggles in school
· anxiety attacks
· phobias
· depression
· hyperactivity
· Hypoglycemia
· ADHD/ADD symptoms

How Can Functional Medicine Help?
A functional medicine approach looks at the whole person to determine where the breakdown is occurring in the body.  We don’t treat the symptom (anger, hostility, defiance, etc.), but the person, looking into all areas of the body that include immunity, digestion, detoxification, energy production, nervous system and mineral imbalance.  This helps us see the whole picture to determine why one has symptoms in the first place.

In Functional Medicine, we work together to identify healing opportunities and engage each person in a health building process, using proven and professional protocols outlined in our holistic approach.  This is done through functional lab work, and the five pillars of functional health, diet, rest, exercise, supplements and stress reduction.  This puts the power into the hands of the client and gives them what it takes to make needed health changes.

With behavioral changes in a child or an adult, one of the first things I do, besides explore emotional, physical trauma, and diet, is to run a nutritional mineral analysis to check for any deficiencies, mineral imbalances, and metal toxicities.

This involves taking a hair sample and sending it in to the lab.  I receive your child’s results within a week or two, and then we meet to discuss results.  I develop a personalized food and lifestyle protocol, including supplements to help bring things back into balance and get your child feeling great in no time.

If you think you or your child has a mineral imbalance and want to know for sure, go here to take my Mineral Imbalance Quiz.

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