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How bad is inflammation on the bones?  We know that all chronic disease is caused by inflammation in the body.  In fact, inflammation is at the root of all disease, cancer, weight gain, AND bone loss.

Bone loss is caused by inflammation that results from poor nutrition, obesity or overweight, medications and treatments, especially glucocorticoids (drugs used to treat health issues, especially inflammation).

Inflammation can sometimes be mistaken for infection, but the two are not the same.

Silent inflammation is the body’s natural defense against damage done to cells caused by diet, stress, minor food allergies toxins, and a sedentary lifestyle.

The body is trying to rid itself of viruses, bacteria and harmful or foreign invaders and heal itself.

Successful treatment to bone loss depends on addressing the inflammation.  And to rid the body of inflammation, we must know and understand the cause.  By running lab tests on clients, I am able to look deeper into the situation, and help client see what is causing inflammation and symptoms.   Clients are given a personalized 90 – Day protocol including food, supplementation and lifestyle that begins to battle and eliminate inflammation.  Once inflammation is addressed, then bone can begin to regenerate itself, and bone loss can then be reversed.  Want to know how you can overcome bone loss by reducing inflammation?  Let’s chat.


How Can We Avoid Adding Inflammation During the Holiday Season?

The idea is to move away from a diet high in processed and junk foods high in meat, dairy, white starchy grains and sugar, and include mostly anti-inflammatory foods such as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meat with no chemicals or food additives, and an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and omega-rich foods.

When at a holiday party of meal, most of us go for the fattening, rich foods that we love so much.  But try filling your plate FIRST with healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.  Add a quality protein.  Once you have filled up on healthy foods, then give yourself the freedom to indulge in some starchy, fatty and sweet treats that tickle your tastebuds.

It is too tempting to give up our healthy habits during the holiday season.  Indulging once in a while is okay, but many people see the holidays as a time of overeating and having an exuberance in sweet indulgences.

How do you handle all of the unhealthy foods surrounding you this time of year?