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My COVID Story (Part 2)

As mentioned last time, 2022 was a stressful year with a move from Alabama to North Carolina.  It was happy times, as we have longed to come back to North Carolina where we lived and raised our girls 20 years ago.  And we are especially blessed to have purchased the same house that we lived in during that time.  Go here to read the beginning of my story I published last time:

But the stress of moving, and the many repairs our home required, took its toll on my health, which I believe is one of the things that brought on my health issues.

Last newsletter, I promised to explain why you haven’t heard from me these past few months.  COVID took a toll on my health, kept me wiped out, physically, and nutritionally.  I had little energy to what was required of me, much less extra, so my business took a hit, and therefore my newsletter did not get sent regularly.

I also promised to give you my protocol and what I did to get my life back.  I have included that the end of this article.

My COVID Story (Part 2)

Because of the strain I was under, COVID hit me hard.  I was sick in bed for at least 2 weeks, Eating was difficult for me, so I wasn’t getting good nutrition that way, but I was able to take my supplements every day.  I have outlined my protocol which I am gifting to you, free of charge.  Read on to the end of this article to receive it, and please share it.

After two weeks, I finally began to feel better, but the fatigue lingered.  It took 8 or 9 months, at least, for me to feel normal again, where I didn’t need to take a 2-hour nap every day.

After symptoms subsided, I was able to return to work, but the fatigue persisted.  I kept up my protocol routine, and finally was able to begin eating again.  I started with highly nutritious foods, juicing and smoothies.  These were in addition to grass-fed meats, fish, free-range eggs, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy were the worst foods for me and sent my energy spiraling downward, so I tried to avoid these as much as possible.

After about a month, I decided to start testing.  I wanted to know where my nutrient levels were and what my body was lacking.

After receiving my mineral test results, I was shocked to see that I was very depleted in everything, especially magnesium and zinc, two minerals that I take diligently every day.  My copper levels were extremely high, which I have never seen before, and my toxic load was off the charts high.   When we become depleted in the much-needed minerals, our bodies begin to store up metals and toxins to step to replace minerals temporarily.  As you can imagine, this doesn’t work, and health issues and disease begin.

COVID really depleted my minerals and messed up my health.  I later realized that the high copper and toxic load was due, in part, to the copper pipes and all of the work inside the home we had done that year.  I have since worked on bringing my copper levels and toxic load down to normal.

This past summer (2022) saw me finally feeling less fatigued.  I was able to load up on garden vegetables, rich, nourishing vegetable juices, fresh fruits, and green smoothies. In addition, I included grass-fed beef, low-mercury fish and salmon, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and whole grains.  I slowly worked my way back to taking my daily 2-mile run.

During this time, I was testing myself every two months.  And each time I saw improvement.  Finally, this last testing shows my levels nearly normal, and my body feels it!    I am not at my 100%, because I am still dealing with high amounts of mold in my body.  (Mold Illness is not easy to eliminate.)  But I feel so much better than I did a year, for which I am grateful.  I feel great, have a spring in my step and the glow is back on my cheeks.

For my COVID Protocol and COVID Long-Haulers Protocol go here.

If you need support or want to chat to see if I can help you navigate your way back to health, please set up an appointment with me.  This 30-minute complimentary session is my gift to you and your health.

Here is my COVID Protocol.

Let me know if you use my protocol.  I would love to hear from you.

Feel better soon,

Veronica Worley, FDN-P