My Husband’s Heart Surgery & Daughter’s Wedding

If you read my latest newsletter (was my last one really in July?), and I hope you did, then you will recall that I spoke about our move from Kansas to Alabama this past February, and our daughter’s upcoming wedding. But what I haven’t gotten to yet, is what happened only one week before our daughter’s wedding, the crisis that wove itself around her wedding, and the outcome.

THIS is what has kept me away from my writing, and getting my business off the ground here quicker than I would like. But the good news is that there is a happy ending! Read on!

On the way to the wedding: open-heart surgery…and love

My husband’s double bypass open-heart surgery really took me by surprise in July. I was on my way to the airport, leaving for our daughter’s wedding to be there one week early. When the surgeon told me that he was 99% blocked in one artery, and 95% blocked in another, reality began to set. I canceled my flight, and prepared for his surgery which took place the next day, exactly one week before our daughter was to be married. Doctor said that there was NO WAY that he was going to make it to the wedding!

But I serve a God who cares about even these little things, and I prayed, and I enlisted the prayers and support of all our friends, family, and church. People rallied to our support. Meals were brought, errands run, neighbors checked on us, even our lawn was mowed…I never felt more loved and more NOT alone…I think EVER!

Nutrition, Recovery & Faith

I immediately put my nutrition knowledge on overdrive, and put him on a rigorous nutrition protocol, even the day of surgery, to help him heal and recover. All were designed to help him strengthen his immune system, encouraging bone healing, and quicker recovery time….nettle tea, bone broth, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, zinc….and more…

Not only did he pull through the surgery, (better than most, nurses said), but he recovered so well, that even though surgery was on Saturday, I was able to check him out of the hospital Wednesday, and we got up early the next day, and started our two-day from Alabama to Minnesota. We even had a friend from Delaware fly down just to help me drive him there so we could make to the rehearsal by Friday evening.

And make it we did, with just 15 minutes to spare…enough time to change clothes! Whew! And he walked her down the aisle the next day!

We are so thankful for that time where it seemed there was little hope, but where we had to trust in the God we serve, and, as a result, we got to be there for our daughter’s wedding. It was truly an amazing time! We see now, that had he driven by himself, as planned to Minnesota, he very well could have had a heart attack, on his way, alone, in the car. So he went into surgery with no heart damage. and healed quicker as a result.

The wedding turned out beautifully, and we stayed in Minnesota an extra week, just to rest and recuperate. It truly was a remarkable time.

Since then?

The wedding was the end of July, 2018, and since then, I have been traveling a lot which has taken my focus from starting my practice here in Alabama. I attended an FDN conference in August, and we took a 2 week jaunt to Colorado in September.

I am happy to be here for the entire month of October.

Now What?

So I have been working hard making the changes I spoke of in my last newsletter…revamping my website, getting my FDN practice started, and taking on new clients.
I am now an FDN-Practitioner!

My other big news, is that I finished my Functional Medicine course with FDN, and graduated on May 30th of this year! Woo Hoo! Becoming certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practioner (FDN-P) was huge for me considering the amount of work and time that went into it, AND this all took place in the middle of our move! Being Functionally trained has been a dream of mine for several years now, and so to accomplish this has been very satisfying.

Be on the lookout…

As an FDN-Practioner (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner), I help men and women age gracefully and beautifully by getting to the root cause of belly fat, energy loss, and hormone imbalance. I do this by using functional lab work and lifestyle changes so they can get well and stay well.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® is a step-by step, holistic approach of investigating and identifying the root causes of disease.