Mango Who Knew It Was So Good For You?

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Mango Who Knew It Was So Good For You?

Ahh…mangoes…a little slice of tropical heaven here on earth, are here in all their glory.  There are over 1000 mango varieties around the world, with the season running from May through September.   Some varieties are ready as early as April.  Mangoes, known as the king of all fruit, are the national fruit of Pakistan, India and Philippines.  In fact India is the largest producer of mango .

The sweet, creamy goodness of mango has been described as tasting like a cross between  a peach and a pineapple.   My favorite way to eat a mango is over the sink, slurping the sweet meat directly from the skin.   Mangoes can get rather drippy.   Just slice the fat cheeks away from the flat seed and slurp away.   I’ve even read some accounts where mangoes are best eaten naked in the bathtub!  Hmm…

The best way to eat mangoes is raw, straight from the tree. But since the only mangoes grown here in the states are in Florida, California, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, eating straight from the tree seems rather foreign to the majority of us.  To most people in the United States, the mango is considered an exotic fruit, so taking advantage of mango season is a must!

It’s best to eat mangoes raw, in smoothies, lassis,,  ‎desserts, salads, or even for breakfast, such as this Mango Chia Pudding, , as heating eliminates some of the nutritional value and floral perfume.

And of course, sweet mango in salsa with spicy chilies is a classic…paired with salmon or another fatty fish makes for a luscious dinner!   Add some steamed asparagus with lemon and butter, crusty rolls, not to mention the following dessert, and you have an easy, healthy, yet absolutely delicious dinner!

Topping a rich pound cake with a syrupy, coconut milk rich goodness and adding yet a sweet puree of soft, ripe mango is heaven itself.   You couldn’t ask for a more exotic, dreamy dessert that ushers in Spring!

But, for all their rich, delicious flavor, mangoes add a big boost of nutrition and value to our diet as well!    Mangoes contain over 20 vitamin and minerals, and are especially high Vitamin A and folic acid.

Below are just some of the benefits mangoes provide:

– aid in digestion

– relieves constipation – high in fiber

– high anti-oxidant – lowers inflammation

– stabilizes blood sugar levels

– lowers blood pressure – magnesium, potassium

– boosts brain health – B vitamins

– bone health – Vitamin K, calcium

– lowers heart disease risk

– fights cancer – especially prostate

– helps prevent anemia – rich in iron

– natural remedy for asthma – beta-carotene can lower risk of asthma

So Eat Up!   Just don’t wait until it is too late to stock up on this beautiful fruit.   I’ve been known to buy 20 or more mangoes at a time when on sale.  Peel, slice and freeze for smoothies and desserts in the winter.   Last winter, alone, I managed to stash away three gallon bags full of sliced mangoes!   We just finished off our last mangoes this past week, and captured it in the photo for Mango Lassi with a Twist


How do you like to eat mangoes?‎  Leave me a comment.