Number One Reason For Weight Gain

The number one reason for weight gain is inflammation!

Yes!  Inflammation!  90% of people have some form of inflammation, and 80% of these people don’t even know it!   We call this “Silent Inflammation”,  the kind that reveals its ugly head in the form of one or more of these symptoms:  edema, stiffness, aches and pains, arthritis, headaches/migraines, digestive issues like , burping, gas, upset stomach, leaky gut, IBS, constipation, and bowel obstruction, and heart disease, liver toxicity, cancers, as well as weight gain, and obesity.

Five causes of inflammation are

1) Consuming foods known to cause acidity in the body (meats, eggs, dairy, especially cheese, wheat and other grains, processed and packaged foods containing preservatives and chemicals

2) Not consuming enough fresh fruits and vegetables every day.   One should have at least two bunches (8 cups) of dark leafy greens, and 8-10 servings of fruits and other vegetables daily.

3)  Exposure to food and environmental toxins (pesticides and sprays on foods, and chemicals added to packaged foods, pesticides and chemicals in the yard, in the air, in dish washing and laundry soap, as well as in our beauty products, lotions, cleaners and air fresheners.)

4)  Consuming food products from processed and packaged food that contain preservatives, thickeners, coloring’s, and other chemicals.   If you can’t pronounce it; you shouldn’t eat it!

5)High levels of stress and lack of sleep  (okay, that was really two more reasons, but they do go together!)

There are other reasons for silent inflammation in the body, such as exercise levels, exposure to invasive technology (microwaves, cell phones, computers, television).  Silent inflammation will only get worse resulting in more complicated health issues. Just changing one of the above can make a huge difference in reducing inflammation.

Veronica Worley, Certified Nutrition Educator and Health Coach