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I am at the beginning of my series, 12 Days of Bone Health Holiday Tips.  You can view the first two tips here:
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Tip #3 of Bone Health Holiday Tips – Stress


Stress!  We live with stress every day.  Some of us thrive on it to help us get things done!  Most of us are burned out from continual stress, and pray we make with through the day, and the week until the weekend…and even then, we still work.
Work, work, work!  Family responsibilities, strained relationships, shopping, decorations, cleaning house for family, getting the right gift, spending too much money, and on and on.  The holiday stressors pile up causing us to crash and burn as soon as holidays are over.  And some of us can’t even make it until then!

Physical stress such as heavy exercise, falls or an injury, can cause bone loss, but mental stress, like traffic, a report that is due, relationship issues, or just the stress of the holidays, can wear down the bones as well, eventually leading to osteoporosis.


Many people become anxious and stressed this time of year with the approaching holidays.  Decorations, shopping, getting the house ready for guests, holiday dinner and treats, as well as strains in family relationships, can all take a toll on your health and your bones.

Chronic stress increases cortisol, which in turn creates inflammation, and can wreak havoc on bone health.

First, cortisol increases bone resorption, which basically means that your bone density decreases because the inflammation creates osteoclasts, or bone-resorbing cells in greater amounts.
Second, cortisol blocks the creation of osteoblasts, which are needed to help rebuild the bones.  This, in turn, leads to weaker bones.
And lastly, cortisol keeps calcium from entering the bones.  If this is happening, then it doesn’t matter how much calcium you are getting.  It is not getting into the bones where it is needed.

So, the more stressed you feel, especially for long periods of time (chronic stress), the more harm you are doing to your body, and to your bones.

Ways to Destress

  1. Healthy Eating – Eat your minerals to help you destress
  2. Warm baths with Epsom salts
  3. Get plenty of sleep
  4. Aromatherapy
  5. Exercise – Strive for 30 minutes of low cardio daily

Want to know more?  Is your stress “killing” you?  Want to see if you have a mineral imbalance that stress may be contributing to, and also causing your bone loss.  Let’s chat.  Go here to set up a complimentary consultation: