Weight Loss Tip #2- Morning Movement

Studies have shown that exercise first thing in the morning is key to getting your metabolism up and running for the day!  In fact, just 10 minutes of raising your heart, even slightly has proven to be effective in raising heart rate, and keeping the metabolism going for 4-6 hours afterward.

So, what does this 10 minutes of exercise look like?  It can be your full work-out at the gym, or simply dancing to music for 10 minutes. It is even more effective if you can add light weights for a few minutes…bicep curls, leg lifts, raising arms above heart, etc.   If you don’t have weights at home, use books, coke cans, water bottles, etc.  This simple 10 minute workout can be done at home, while you are watching the news, waiting for the oatmeal to cook, or even waiting for the kids to wake up!

Doing your 10 minute workout raises metabolism, works the heart muscle, and can give you a head start for that party at work, in which you know you will probably indulge.