Weight Loss Tip #6- Exercise Before Meals

I’m sure you already know the benefits of movement and exercise.  Exercise is movement, but movement is not necessarily exercise. Movement is just that…moving; not being a couch potato, but moving throughout the day: taking the stairs, instead of the elevator, parking further away, so you can walk, or simply getting up during the commercials and doing light walking or moving about. Think of exercise as intentional movement. With exercise you are intentionally working your body, raising your heartbeat, and pushing it to the limit, by adding weights, repetitions, and burst training.  This is what I want to discuss with this week’s Weight Loss Tip.

Hopefully you are making an effort to exercise or move first thing in the morning, so as to raise you metabolism and help to keep it elevated throughout the day, (see Weight Loss Tip #2) but today’s little tip has to do with helping your body prepare fight fat and calories you consume before a large meal.

Weight Loss Tip #6 is adding 3-5 minutes of burst exercise before a big meal of the day.   An example may be running in place as hard as you can for 1:00 minute and resting for 1:00. Do this for 3-5 minutes.  Other examples, rounds of burst exercise, such as 10-20 jumping jacks, then immediately go to the floor for push-ups or burpees; or 10-20 squats then to the floor for mountain climbers.

This intensity pushes your body into fat burning mode, raising metabolism for 2-4 hours afterwards, to help you burn extra calories.  This is an important to know when you have a planned dinner, event or function in which you know you may be tempted to over eat or eat poorly.  Just spend 3-5 minutes before leaving home completing your burst exercises, and notice the difference.

This little gem of a weight loss tip is golden when you need to give your calorie burn a boost.  You can do burst exercise anytime throughout day, and not just before meals.  Try it, and just feel the difference

Do you do burst training?  What burst exercises do you do?  Leave me a comment below and share your ideas.