Weight Loss Tip #7- Add Lemon To Water

This weight loss tip is a hidden jewel in the world of health.  Adding lemon to your water, first thing in the morning, in the form of juice or a slice of squeezed lemon does wonders for your weight and health. The most important aspect of this weight loss tip is when you take it.  Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is a must for your weight loss, digestion, alkalinity, energy and overall health.  Drinking lemon water throughout the day, is not recommended because of the damage it can do to your teeth, unless you brush often.  I do suggest drinking water with lemon juice 30 minutes before each meal, as this suppresses your appetite and takes away sugar cravings.

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is important for digestion, as it helps move things through and out the system.  Your body works diligently all night long digesting food from the day.  By morning, a bowel movement should be a normal occurrence, and a lemon water (preferably warm) helps make that a gentle release of waste and toxins.

Benefits of drinking lemon water

1.  Weight Loss – Lemons contain pectin which helps you feel full longer, giving you that satiated feeling that keeps you from being hungry.

2.  Digestion and detoxification

3.  Builds immune system – high Vitamin C content (one lemon contains 175% of your daily allowance)

4.  Natural electrolyte

5.  Beautifies skin, heals body, healing for liver

6.  Provides healing for joints

7.  Boosts energy and mood

8.  Regulates bowel movements

9.  Raises metabolism

10. Reduces gout, heartburn , kidney stones, cancer, depression



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