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My COVID-19 Protocol

By Veronica Worley, FDN-P,

So, you have tested positive for COVD-19!  What do you do now, especially when you may feel awful, and not want to do anything but sleep?


First of all, let me assure you that there are things you can do to prevent and overcome this virus, if you start early enough, and work at it daily.  The most important way to prevent this virus is to have a healthy immune system by eating right, avoiding junk food, sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol white flours, and sweets.  And if you have already contracted the disease, it is especially important to eat healthy, stay away from sugar and the bad stuff, and take your vitamins.


So, now, you ask what vitamins should I take?  Below is a protocol I have used myself when I had COVID, and have seen many such similar protocols floating around.


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COVID-19 Supplement Protocol

Take all supplements for 2-5 days until symptoms subside.  Take all at once with a fatty food such as a fatty meal, teaspoon of MCT or coconut oil, butter, or full-fat yogurt.



  • Vitamin C – (Liposomal C is best form) I take up to 10,000 mg a day, on some days, and take 1000 mg. every hour or two, until bowel tolerance, when exposed, or sick.  The body will eliminate what it doesn’t need.
  • Vitamin D – for both kids and adults – D3 form is most absorbent with K2 (leafy greens contain lots of K2)  I take 2000 – 5000 mg of D3 most days.   One word of caution.  KNOW YOUR MINERAL LEVELS BEFORE SUPPLEMENTING WITH VITAMIN D, as it can raise calcium levels to the point where calcium is not getting into the bone.  A good mineral test is what I recommend; to get tested or find out more, go here to schedule an appointment with me
  • Ivermectin – 12 mg. See Dr Marble’s link above, or visit your local alternative doctor for prescription
  • Zinc 50 mg. (zinc carnosine form is the best)
  • NAD Plus – take with zinc or it will steal tryptophan from your body which makes serotonin
  • Hydroxychloroquine – (HCQ) – 200 mg. Talk with your doctor or Dr. Marble for a prescription.
  • Vitamin A – for immune support – No more than 10,000 IU’s daily
  • NAC – 600 mg. 2 x daily – good for immune system, brain, heart, fights inflammation, liver, reverses immune suppression, balances blood sugar, replenishes glutathione, and other anti-oxidants such as Vitamins C and E
  • Quercetin – 500-100 mg. daily
  • Colloidal silver – 3-6 tsps. Daily; can spray up nostrils to clean bacteria
  • Lysine – 500 mg. daily
  • Biocidin – 10-20 drops daily.  Take with 2 capsules Olivirex
  • Magnesium – 500 mg.
  • K2 (MK-7 Form best) – take with magnesium.  Imperative to take with COVID, as studies have proven that those contracting covid are lower in K2 than healthy individuals
  • Vitamin B6 – 200 mg. daily
  • Omega 3’s – inflammation – 1000-2000 mg. with each meal
  • Lysine – 500 mg daily
  • Chlorella – binder and super nutrient – highest in chlorophyll of all foods, needed for cleansing of blood
  • Probiotics – multi-strain at least 40 billion – 2 times daily
  • Oil – pulling – Swish  ½ – 1 tsp. coconut oil in mouth for 5-20 minutes 2 x daily – cleanses mouth of onslaught of bacteria



Take the above until symptoms subside.  Once symptoms subside, you may begin the prevention protocol, which you could do indefinitely.


  • Zinc – 30 mg. daily
  • NAC – 300-400 mg. daily
  • Quercetin – 500-1000 mg. daily; helps put zinc into the cells so it can do its job
  • Vitamin D3 – 5000 IU
  • NAD Plus
  • Vitamin C – 1000 mg. every hour or two until loose bowels. Then slow to 5000-10,000 mg. daily (Liposomal best)
  • Magnesium – 500 mg. (glutamate form is best)
  • Vitamin B6 – 100 mg. daily
  • K2 (MK-7 form best) – 200-300 mg. daily
  • Omega 3’s 1000-3000 mg. daily
  • Probiotics – multi-strain at least 40 billion – once daily


This is what I took during COVID and afterward for Long-Haulers COVID.


I recommend you have your mineral levels tested before taking any supplements, or at least as soon as you are over COVID.  COVID burns through minerals quickly in the body, and you will want to nourish your body with the need nutrition as soon as possible to help you heal and get your energy back.


If this seems overwhelming, or you would like to set up an appointment to get tested, go here.


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