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Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and More Pumpkins


Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and More Pumpkins When most of us think of pumpkins, we think Jack-o-lanterns, and fall decorations. But pumpkins have a wide array of uses, including delicious ones! There are many different types of squashes available today…all sizes, shapes, and textures! All have edible, sweet, soft meat that range from pale yellow to brilliant, [...]

How to Cut Up a Pumpkin and Roast Seeds


How to Cut Up a Pumpkin and Roast Seeds Cooking a Pumpkin – Cooking a pumpkin and preparing its meat for recipes is fairly simple. Be sure to wash the outside of the pumpkin well with soap and water before you begin. Preheat oven to 350 degrees (or you may use the microwave).  Organic is best. [...]

Back-to-School – Exercise and Children


Exercise and Children The benefits of exercise for children and adults alike are enormous and contribute greatly to good health, sleep, mental and emotional outlook, and attitude.  Exercise is especially beneficial for children as they start a new school year, and are in class many hours a day.  Young bodies need to move more than [...]

Back-To-School Foods for helping your child have a healthy brain!


Nurturing the Brain with Food We all want our children to be healthy, intelligent, quick learner, and have good concentration in school.  Did you know that there are certain foods that increase brain health, memory, focus and concentration?  Yup!  It’s true.  I have given talks on this very subject.  But when it comes to our [...]

Turkey (Any Meat) Bone Broth Benefits and Recipe


Turkey (Any Meat) Bone Broth Benefits and Recipe Bone Broth is really just a fancy name for what has been made for thousands of years, meat stock or broth.  Our ancestors used every part of the animal, and  learned that the slow simmering of the non-edible parts, such as the bones, marrow, skin, feet, tendons [...]

Raising Testosterone Naturally


Raising Testosterone Naturally Both men and women need testosterone, but we mainly hear about testosterone as it relates to men.  Testosterone is crucial for male health, and it plays important roles other than sexual health, which is what most people think of, when they hear the word testosterone.  Testosterone is indeed the sex hormone that [...]

Sugar Cravings and Sex Hormones


Sugar Cravings and Sex Hormones Okay, I know…we have been talking about sugar cravings and hormones these past few weeks.  Thyroid and adrenals produce hormones in our body, and if there is a dysfunction with either of those, we could have sugar cravings, and, therefore, difficulty losing weight. An imbalance in one, can affect another, [...]

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