Amaranth Grain- What’s the Big Deal?


Amaranth Grain- What's the Big Deal? Last time, I discussed Amaranth Green, the number one healthiest vegetable to grow in your garden! In my summer series of the top 10 vegetables to grow in your garden, wild vegetables and greens outrank all other cultivated vegetables considerably. In this series, I will be discussing only the top three [...]

Mango Who Knew It Was So Good For You?



Mango Who Knew It Was So Good For You? Ahh…mangoes…a little slice of tropical heaven here on earth, are here in all their glory.  There are over 1000 mango varieties around the world, with the season running from May through September.   Some varieties are ready as early as April.  Mangoes, known as the king [...]

You Want Me To Eat What? Dandelions!


You Want Me To Eat What? Dandelions! You want me to eat WHAAAT? Dandelions…we cut them, pull them, spray them, whack them, burn them, cover them…and they still fill our lawns, flowerbeds, and cracks and crevices in sidewalks and driveways.   Americans spend a tremendous amount of money annually to eradicate this persistent weed. I [...]

Papaya- Delicious Health Benefits


Papaya- Delicious Health Benefits Papapa, also known as the pawpaw, is a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. Papayas give a rich supply of vitamin C, B vitamins, folate, pantothenic acid, potassium, copper, magnesium, as well as carotenes, flavonoids and fiber.  In addition, papaya is known for its digestive enzyme, papain, also [...]



Cinnamon Cinnamon, alone, will not help you lose weight.  It must be a part of a healthy diet that is high in anti-inflammatory and high anti-oxidant foods, as well a a consistent movement and exercise routine.  In fact, this goes for all of the previous weight loss tips I have shared!  There is no magic [...]

Grapefruit and Weight Loss


Grapefruit and Weight Loss Grapefruit has many known health benefits, including weight loss.  The grapefruit is actually a cross between the sweet orange and bitter pomelo, giving us the naturally occurring cross breed we now enjoy! . Grapefruit Nutrition Facts One medium-sized grapefruit contains over 80 nutrients including: Vitamin C Vitamin A Pantothenic acid Copper [...]