Milk! Does it “Do Your Bones Good?”


  Milk!  We have been told since we were young to drink our milk.  It's good for our bones!  And so, we drank up, ate up, fed on cheese, ice cream, milk shakes, cottage cheese, and more! It is true that milk has vitamins and minerals and is touted for its rich calcium content.  It [...]

Holiday Bone Health Tip #6 – Blood Sugar


We are halfway through my 12 Days of Bone Health Holiday Tips.  If you missed the first five tips for Bone Holiday Health, you can view them here: Tip #1 - MOST IMPORTANT!  Check your minerals - Tip #2 - Water for Bone Health Tip #3 - Stress Tip #4 - Superfoods and Bone Health [...]

Holiday Bone Health Tip #5 – Inflammation, Killer of Bones


Inflammation How bad is inflammation on the bones?  We know that all chronic disease is caused by inflammation in the body.  In fact, inflammation is at the root of all disease, cancer, weight gain, AND bone loss. Bone loss is caused by inflammation that results from poor nutrition, obesity or overweight, medications and treatments, especially [...]

Tip #4 of Bone Health Holiday Tips – Superfoods

2021-12-22T16:38:38+00:00 Tip #4 of Bone Health Holiday Tips - Superfoods Superfoods to Strengthen Bones A “superfood” is a food that is rich in many nutrients and low in empty calories.  Most superfoods are fruits or vegetables, but there are others as well. For bone health, a diet should include a healthy dose of brightly colored [...]

Stress – A Major Killer to Bone Strength – Tip #3


I am at the beginning of my series, 12 Days of Bone Health Holiday Tips.  You can view the first two tips here: Tip #1 - MOST IMPORTANT!  Check your minerals -…lth-holiday-tips/ Tip #2 - Water for Bone Health…h-holiday-tips-2/ Tip #3 of Bone Health Holiday Tips - Stress   Stress! Stress!  We live with stress every [...]

Asparagus – The LOVE Vegetable (for your spouse, bones and body)!


Asparagus Yep!  We have a whole day devoted to this elegant and delicate tasting vegetable!   And no wonder!  High in Vitamins, K, C, E, B and A, along with folate, potassium, phosphorus, folate, zinc, selenium, fiber, protein and anti-oxidants, asparagus is a nutrient-dense food, packed with antioxidants that has been used for medicinal purposes for [...]



Asparagus   Ahh...asparagus, one of the first foods that signal the beginning of fresh, tender and tasty, AND so nutritious!  Asparagus boast quite a few amazing health benefits, including  high levels of Vitamins K, A, E and C, folate, iron, copper, potassium and manganese. Other benefits include: anti-inflammatory- help prevent and eliminate inflammation causing [...]

Broccoli- Superfood for Bone Health, and More


Broccoli- Superfood or Not? Broccoli’s reputation as one of the world’s most healthiest vegetable still rings true!  Broccoli is one of the most hated and yet the most well-loved vegetables in the nation. Nutritionists talk about it, presidents and other celebrities tell their experiences with it, but through it all, broccoli maintains the royal status [...]

Greens, Greens, Greens…Who Would Have Thought They Were This Important?


Greens, Greens, Greens...Who Would Have Thought They Were This Important? There’s a good reason why your parents always told you to eat your greens as a child.   It’s a simple fact:  Greens are the at the top of the list for important groups of foods that should be consumed daily.   Greens, especially the darker leaf [...]

Love Your Heart With These 10 Foods Including Chocolate


Love Your Heart with These Foods, Including Chocolate One of the best ways you can improve heart health, and decrease your risk of heart disease, is to reduce, if not eliminate inflammation.  Inflammation is the #1 cause of health issues, weight gain, and degenerative disease, such as heart disease.  AND the SAD (Standard American Diet) [...]

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