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Tip #5 Superfoods for Bone Health


Day 5 of 12 Days to Bone Health Holiday Tips Superfoods to Strengthen Bones A “superfood” is a food that is rich in many nutrients and low in empty calories. Most superfoods are fruits or vegetables, but there are others as well. For bone health, a diet should include a healthy dose of brightly colored [...]

Calcium Supplementation and Bone Loss! Yay or Nay?


Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev   As we discussed last time, according to much new research, milk is not a healthy way to get calcium for your bones.   The dairy industry has done a great job the past several decades in convincing us that the most important mineral for our bodies is calcium, and that we MUST [...]

Spicy Bone-Building Kale


  This is a simple, quick, yet delicious way to get your greens in on a daily basis, and boost minerals to support bone health.   This a tasty side-dish that can accompany any meat or main dish. Turn this into a main dish by adding sausage, meat or beans.  Serve over rice. Bonus is you [...]

My COVID Protocol


My COVID-19 Protocol By Veronica Worley, FDN-P, www.veronicashealthyliving.com So, you have tested positive for COVD-19!  What do you do now, especially when you may feel awful, and not want to do anything but sleep?   First of all, let me assure you that there are things you can do to prevent and overcome this virus, [...]

Day 9 of 12 Days of Bone Health Tips – Gut Health


Day 9 of 12 Days of Bone Health Tips Gut Health Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut”. If that is true, then everyone with symptoms or illness is walking around with a leaky gut, and a microbiome that has an imbalance of bacteria, or digestive and stomach upset, diarrhea, constipation, and more, and [...]

Number 9 Bone Health Holiday Tip- Weight and Bone Health


Weight That excess weight you are carrying around could be contributing to your bone loss. I know!  I know this is not what you want to hear, especially this time of year.  But being educated gives a weapon to help combat the eventual! Too much weight can have serious side effects for most of us, [...]

Tip #7 – Bone Health and Hormones


Day 8 of 12 Days of Bone Health Holiday Tips Hormones If you are like millions of Americans, you have either done so, or are in the process of making your New Year's resolutions.  Am I right? If one of your goals this year is to "get healthy", then stay with me.  I have lots [...]

Holiday Bone Health Tip #6 – Blood Sugar


We are halfway through my 12 Days of Bone Health Holiday Tips.  If you missed the first five tips for Bone Holiday Health, you can view them here: Tip #1 - MOST IMPORTANT!  Check your minerals - https://veronicashealthyliving.com/tip-1-of-12-days-of-bone-health-holiday-tips/ Tip #2 - Water for Bone Health https://veronicashealthyliving.com/portfolio-items/water-for-bone-health-holiday-tips-2/ Tip #3 - Stress https://veronicashealthyliving.com/portfolio-items/stress-a-major-killer-to-bone-strength-tip-3/ Tip #4 - Superfoods and Bone Health https://veronicashealthyliving.com/portfolio-items/tip-4-of-bone-health-holiday-tips-superfoods/ [...]

Holiday Bone Health Tip #5 – Inflammation, Killer of Bones


Inflammation How bad is inflammation on the bones?  We know that all chronic disease is caused by inflammation in the body.  In fact, inflammation is at the root of all disease, cancer, weight gain, AND bone loss. Bone loss is caused by inflammation that results from poor nutrition, obesity or overweight, medications and treatments, especially [...]

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