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Kinds of Detoxes and Cleanses

In the last several posts, we have discussed:  "What is a Detox?" "Why Should You Detox?" I also gave you several recipes to get your body ready for a detox:…y-detox-smoothie/…kes-a-good-salad/ Today, I want to outline the four main types of detoxes,  and briefly describe each one.  Keep posted, as I will give the [...]

Wild Dandelion Berry Detox Smoothie

If you have wild greens available in your yard or garden, then this is the perfect time to "eat them up"!  And no better place then in your morning smoothie!  This recipe focuses on detoxing the body, and we begin with the liver!  Dandelion, that pesky weed in your yard,  is the perfect source of [...]

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