Why Detox?

Last time we discussed What Is a Detox.  Go here to read more:   https://veronicashealthyliving.com/detox-what-is-it/.

You may be thinking “What is all the hype about detoxing anyway, and why should I do it?” If this is you, then today’s blog is meant for you!

There are very few of us who are eat perfect all the time. Winter is the hardest because our bodies naturally crave heavy, high-fat foods to bulk us up and keep us warm. The holidays also get in the way of a lot of good intentions, creating an overflow of processed foods, and sugary sweets that are irresistible. As a result, our liver, kidneys and other organs get overloaded and sluggish. You may find that exhaustion increases, sleep illudes you, and bowel movements are less to nonexistent. Headaches, joint aches and pains, less resistance to colds and illness, and other symptoms set in, and soon you realize that you need to do something about this downhill slope.

That is why spring is the perfect time to cleanse and detox from cold-weather indulgences and winter foods. This prepares the body for summer, seasonal fruits and vegetables and the many outdoor sports, vacations, and activities. AND helps the body lose those extra pounds that came on over the holidays. In fact, I recommend that everyone do a detox at least twice a year at the beginning of seasonal change.

Here Are Just a Few Reasons to Detox?

• Weight reduction
• Clearer skin
• Reduces inflammation
• Energy
• Lifts brain fog
• Reduces pain
• Soothes and supports internal organs
• Builds the immune system
• Expels toxins
• Prevents/reduces chronic diseases and symptoms
• Mental energy
• Lifts depression

Which one’s do you relate to above?

Looking for a recipe to encourage natural detoxification?  How about my Wild Dandelion and Berry Detox Smoothie? https://veronicashealthyliving.com/wild-dandelion-b…y-detox-smoothie/


Concerned you may be toxic?  Do you need a detox?   Go here to take the Are You Toxic?  Quiz

http://Concerned you may be toxic?  Do you need a detox?   Go here to take the Are You Toxic?  Quiz: